(the story of a girl who pulls over to make pictures of wildflowers and sunsets)

the story of a girl
often lost inside/often too aware
DANCING THRU MELODIES stuck inside her head
rolling down the road with the golden sunbeams, carried away by dreams and wind, across open prairie and the swell of mountain ridges and big blue of water and sky.

pockets full of memories and gratitude / eyes full of wonder
fighting off the dark / running to [thru] the light / captured in the arms of Jesus the Savior

sunshine + clouds, sunsets + sunrises, rain, being warm/lots of blankets, patterns, colors, light, dappled shade of a cottonwood tree, film pictures + digital pictures, old books + new books, the open road, old songs, playing music with others, playing music alone, sitting in the back of the tour van listening to melodies as america rolls by and the clouds shift above.

(19yrs / isfp / kansas )