// right before we left the coast. (trees are always green in texas) //

geese fly in staggered V shapes against the clouds, sunset.
I think and I daydream a lot. I remember the feel of the red dress against my body,
and when driving, getting lost in music is the same feeling as getting lost in a book.


bittersweet symphony

captured these images in my parents kitchen
this cold, bright Monday morning. 
cracked counter and a window facing the south.
it snowed all day yesterday
drifting and blowing like is typical for kansas
(the wind never rests,
and neither do you).

today I found some songs that you would've liked.
yesterday, the character in that film
their mannerisms...
they were so familiar 

my mind is tumbling lightly
on that line between THINKING and FEELING.


I don't drink coffee
today is a new day
and a little liquid caffeine motivation doesn't hurt anything
happy monday, pals 


I've been doing some thinking

and in the wandering of many thoughts
I have found
we cannot heal people
and they cannot heal us.
(not big news, I know)
but maybe sometimes I have to live it to learn it.

I saw something on Pinterest,
it was a list of things to work on in 2019.
and honest to goodness
I thought
why not now?

this is me, starting over with less than three months left in the year.
I'm not going to wait anymore,
not for another person or another opportunity or another year to come around.
optimism is medicine.
healthy relationships, His word, prayer and the sunlight are too.
hey 2018,
let's make the rest of our time together something fulfilling.


take the day and

...turn the mundane into magic.

(the magic of everyday places//march 2018)