every lesson is good

all those things were said
- and like -
i believed them?
(silly me)

there are ghosts.
song titles and folders in my email.

I   A M   L E A R N I N G

this is a topic, a phrase, a word
that keeps sliding into my mind/feelings/heart and HOPE

funny how we never ever ever ever stop learning things.

hey, I've been learning a lot about time and people and how they think and why and a lot about myself, too.
and growing up things too.  like how i need to sleep a little more or talk a little less to that person, or just how cool it looks to mark my calendar in just the color orange.

what have you guys been learning?

i hope it's been good. (every lesson is good)


  1. This summer I threw myself into two jobs that are good money, but not good for my inner spirit (bartending and waitressing). I wanted to make as much money as I could to save up for some trips, and I definitely have learned a lot over the past few months about the kind of person I am, and about the kind of people I should surround myself with.

    Love your photos, as always.

    1. i hear you. I hear you.
      thank you millions for sharing.
      you're so right.

  2. Oh my goshhhhhh this is so full of loveliness and truth. wowowowowow. I feel like you always manage to read my mind with your posts and it's so crazy and so beautiful. I've been learning that it's okay to breathe and that it's okay to be alone and that messes are beautiful. ♥

    1. I love that you feel that way. It's one of the best feelings, right? and it makes me feel some way when I read that.
      and lets keep learning good things.

  3. hi.
    i needed this more than you know. these days have been tough and every night ends with me sinking into my soft bed and white dreams. i've been learning a lot about praying and letting people go and about hushing doubts. it's been hard.
    i'm learning.
    love this. love you. xx

    1. hi.
      thank you so much for saying so. and for saying this. and for being you.
      cuz it's wonderful.

  4. everywhere
    there are ghosts.
    funny how we have to face them...even when they look so like the people we loved the best.
    i am learning.

    1. everywhere. and we have to face them.
      we will learn. we will learn.

  5. YES YES YES *throws hands up in the air*
    Lately I've been learning that it's okay not to be perfect and that sometimes you just have to move fast and break things!

    1. YES YES YES.
      P R E A C H.
      thank u for sharing :)

  6. Self growth is a good thing and sometimes really necessary. I've thrown myself into figuring out what I want to do with my blog this year and not blogging as much as I would like, but I'm planning for next year to be a good year and planning for success. I hope. Growing up is hard, even when you're almost 35.

    1. okay. yes.
      thank you forever for sharing because yes. that is life and I am saving those words forever.
      we'll find the way.

  7. I have been learning that it is okay to ask for help. (College. Blerg.)
    I have been learning that sometimes it is better to make new friends (it is so refreshing) than to try and pick up the pieces in old friendships.

    1. let's hang in there Han. because yes. i hear you. oh my i hear what you're saying.
      thank you.