things are moving too fast and sometimes feel very strange

i am stuck in that in-between time.
summer is gone but autumn isn't quite here in all glory.
the air is slightly funny, murky despite the wind.
a small, sad tree limb hangs broken and bent, swaying with green/yellow leaves.

next week is November.
rain and cold will come overnight.
things are moving too fast and sometimes feel very strange,
and I sit on the big porch of the white house
thinking; 'last year at this time...two years ago...three...(etc)
streetlights blink on as light fades.

down the street
there is a big man with a nail gun in the yellow porch light.
the next time I look up, there is also the tall boy with dark hair.
they speak and work, but the nail/word sounds are lost in the wind.

my converse shoes are silent on the concrete
a small plane engine is above.  a vehicle passes.
things are moving too fast and sometimes feel very strange.
i reach the back door
it is locked.
the people inside the white house
didn't even realize i left.



  1. This hit me like a truck. I can't believe how well you can write and the ending to this poem just made my heart rip into two. The photos especially the one of the window are beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much, Vanessa. This is something that actually happened, though I made it a bit more dramatic for sad effect.

  2. these photos are beautiful. the speed with which things are moving lately is freaking me out a little. i keep thinking back to previous years, and it's really weird. change is weird.

    i loved this. ♥

    1. yes. yes it is, it really really is.
      and thanks :)

  3. brb i just need to catch my breath and then find out what to say.

  4. ohh. this left me speechless. you weave words with such poignant simplicity, it quite takes my breath away. especially that last line; i feel i live my entire life in-betweens, and that hit me right between the eyes. x

  5. Ohhhh but man this. I love how this is like I'm just walking with you and seeing the world so real real real through your eyes. And your photography is devastating <3

    1. ohhhh but I am floored that you of all people are saying this. I am such a fan of you :)

  6. I love the two similar photos with the different focus looking out of the window. Brilliant.